Garden Variety

A Floral Touch - Nail Reformation’s Garden Variety Collection

At Nail Reformation, we believe in cultivating beauty in every design, just like the diversity found in a garden. Our Garden Variety Collection is a fresh bloom of creativity, capturing the essence of springtime, the vibrancy of blossoms, and the timeless elegance of nature. Each design is crafted with care, ensuring that you can revel in the freshness of spring, the brightness of blossoms, and the elegance of nature every day.


So, whether you're drawn to the leafy allure of Pick Me, the transformative charm of Metamorphosis, the bold elegance of Tiger Lily, the tranquil grace of Feeling Blooms, the zesty flavor of Tangy Blooms, or the timeless beauty of Vineyard, the Garden Variety Collection has a perfect bloom for you.

Indulge in the beauty of nature and elevate your style with Nail Reformation's Garden Variety Collection. Fresh blooms, timeless elegance – because your nails deserve to blossom.

Nail Reformation's Garden Variety Collection - A Blossom for Every Style

Step into a garden of style with Nail Reformation's Garden Variety Collection. Each press-on nail is a unique bloom, celebrating the vibrant colors and elegant charm of nature. From the crisp allure of fresh blossoms to the whimsical dance of butterflies, our collection invites you to embrace the beauty that surrounds us. Indulge in a journey through these nature-inspired designs, where every nail tells a story of floral enchantment and style evolution.

Pick Me - Enjoy the Crisp Allure of Fresh Blooms: Our Pick Me press-on nails are a celebration of vibrant blossoms. With a leaf green base and alternating white florals, these nails embody the lively and sophisticated charm of fresh-picked blooms. Express the vibrancy of spring in your everyday style with this delightful design.


Metamorphosis - Undergo a Style Transformation: Embark on a style transformation with our Metamorphosis press-on nails. Purple butterflies and stars gracefully dance on the tips, symbolizing the beauty of change and growth. This whimsical and enchanting design captures the essence of transformation, making it a perfect choice for those who seek a blooming metamorphosis.

Tiger Lily - Unleash Your Inner Wildflower: Let your inner wildflower bloom with our Tiger Lily press-on nails. The goldenrod French tip adorned with delicate white flowers exudes warmth and elegance. Make a bold and striking statement with this design, celebrating the untamed beauty of nature.


Feeling Blooms - Dive into a Sea of Blue Flowers: Immerse yourself in the tranquil grace of our Feeling Blooms press-on nails. The French tip design adds sophistication, while the blue floral pattern brings a sense of tranquility and grace. Perfect for nature lovers who want to express their love for blossoms in a stylish and refined way.


Tangy Blooms - Burst of Citrus-Inspired Charm: Add a burst of citrus-inspired charm with our Tangy Blooms press-on nails. The orange square nails with French tips and orange flower accents create a playful and refreshing look. Indulge in the delightful sweetness of this design, bringing a tangy twist to your style. 

Vineyard - Let Your Fingertips Flourish: Watch your fingertips flourish with our Vineyard press-on nails. A vine of white flowers elegantly trails across the tips, creating a timeless and sophisticated design. Choose this classic and understated option for an ode to the enduring beauty found in nature.


Discover the beauty of nature at your fingertips and let your style flourish with the Garden Variety Collection. Fresh, blooming, and timeless – because your nails deserve the elegance of a garden in full bloom.