Gimme Chills

Cool As Ice - Nail Reformation’s Gimme Chills Collection

Feel the winter wonderland with Nail Reformation's Gimme Chills Collection, where winter allure meets frosty elegance. Each set transports you to a realm of snow-inspired sophistication.

Let it snow with the Gimme Chills Collection. Each nail set invites you to a winter wonderland of cozy delights. Capture the snowflake magic and frosty designs, illustrating the essence of this enchanting season. Let your nails sparkle and dance in the winter snow.


Gimme Chills is more than just a name; it's an invitation to revel in the magic of winter, where chic glamour meets snowy fun. Transform your nails into the masterpieces of winter magic, flaunting winter vibes with flair.

The designs within the Gimme Chills Collection were curated to celebrate the essence of winter, reflecting the snowflakes and glittering allure of this chilly season. Feel the enchantment as your nails sparkle like a winter wonderland.

With each press-on nail, you'll be immersed in the frosty beauty of winter as your fingertips create a mesmerizing snowflake dance. Let your nails tell a tale of winter style and icy sophistication. Unleash your inner snow queen and flaunt the charm of Gimme Chills nails, making your winter look truly enchanting!

Gimme Chills  Collection - Chill Out in Style

Discover the enchanting Gimme Chills Collection at Nail Reformation, where winter's beauty meets the snowy wonderland. Each nail set transports you to a frosty realm, boasting delicate snowflakes and chillingly cherished hues. Get ready to flaunt winter vibes with these frosty fabulous nails and let your style shine in the snowy wonder. 

Sleigh the winter wonderland with Snow Cap press-on nails. Short, almond-shaped nails adorned with a frosty blue gradient and delicate snowflakes. Flaunt your winter vibes with flair. No cap, coolest winter look.


Chill out in style with Chill Factor press-on nails. Sassy nude base with a cooler-than-ice silver glitter French tip. Snowflake adorned for winter magic. Flaunt your inner snow queen with these frosty fabulous nails. From snowball fights to cozy nights, enchant with winter vibes.

Bring out the winter magic with our Gimme Chills Collection. Whether it's a snowy adventure or a cozy night in, these press-on nails are the perfect addition to your winter essentials. Let your nails shine with captivating snowflake designs, unleashing your inner snow queen. Don't wait to chill out in style - flaunt your winter vibes with these frosty fabulous nails and slay the winter look.