Pretty in Pink

Shades Of Beauty - Nail Reformation’s Pretty In Pink Collection

In the Pretty In Pink Collection, pink isn't just a color; it's a symphony of emotions. From the playful Pink-A-Boo to the delicate French Velvet and Ballet Flats made of gel, each shade tells a story, expressing everything from flirty charm to timeless romance. Dive into the Pink Quartz, a gem-inspired glamour, or make a statement with Pink Ribbon in solidarity with breast cancer awareness. In this collection, pink becomes your language, emotion, and style statement.


Why pink? Because emotions are diverse, and so are the hues of pink. It's not just about color; it's about expressing your mood, story, and unique femininity. Pink-A-Boo brings a flirtatious, glossy charm, while Ballet Flats boasts a mesmerizing metallic pink French tip that mirrors the grace of delicate ballet slippers and Pink Quartz adds a touch of glamorous allure, and Pink Ribbon stands as a symbol of support.

Nail Reformation's Pretty In Pink Collection - Where Every Shade Is A Story

In beauty and self-expression, color takes on a language of its own. Pink, in all its shades, becomes the focus of our latest collection, Pretty In Pink. Beyond being just a hue, each shade tells a unique tale, weaving emotions, experiences, and personal style into a symphony of colors. As we unveil this collection, we invite you to explore the stories behind each design, where every shade serves as a chapter in the narrative of individuality, strength, and timeless elegance. With Pretty In Pink, we celebrate the multifaceted nature of pink, from playful flirtation to profound support, offering a palette that mirrors the diverse emotions that color our lives. Let your nails and every shade speak volumes about the stories you wish to tell.

Pink-A-Boo -Playful Flirtation: Pink-A-Boo’s glossy charm of this shade is a whispered invitation, encouraging you to embrace the lighter side of life. Each nail becomes a canvas for fun, vibrant expression, ensuring that every moment is filled with a touch of delightful surprise.


French Velvet. Wrap your nails in a soft dream with the French Velvet press-on nail set. Each short, round almond nail features a dreamy pink cat-eye look with a velvety French tip for those in their soft girl era. Enjoy the softness and Parisian allure of the luxurious French Velvet, and let your fingertips be a blanket statement of comfort.

Pink Ribbon - Support and Solidarity For Breast Cancer Awareness. Let your nails become ambassadors of strength, resilience, and hope. Each Pink Ribbon design is a reminder of the power of unity in the face of challenges, turning your style into a beacon of awareness and empathy.


Ballet Flats. Pirouette your way to perfect nails with our Ballet Flats press-on nail set. These short almond nails dance with elegance, boasting a mesmerizing metallic pink French tip that mirrors the grace of delicate ballet slippers. Let your fingertips become the stage for a breathtaking performance with Ballet Flats.

Pink Quartz: - A Precious Gem: Pink Quartz radiates sophistication, adding a touch of refined elegance to your style. Pink Quartz nails are not just an accessory; they're a statement of glamour, celebrating the timeless beauty found in the depths of gemstones.

In Pretty In Pink, each press-on nail is a unique chapter. Your nails become the canvas, expressing your emotions through a spectrum of pink. From subtle pastels to bold statements, let your style tell your story with the Pretty In Pink Collection.